HWLI Irrigation has recently done the Irrigation Upgrade to Belmont Race Course.  This was made up of 3 main components;

  1. Irrigation Works-This comprised of replacing all existing PVC mainlines with new 160mm/125mm PE Poly mainlines, isolation valves, new Valve in head sprinklers and a network of low voltage cabling.  There was approximately 8.5km of poly mainline installed along with 10km of low voltage wire.  302 Toro VIH sprinklers have been installed in this project running at 950kpa throwing around 35-40meters across the tracks.  In some of the wider areas Hunter Vaults have been used, these throw 50-55meters and are a weapon of a sprinkler.
  2. Pump Station upgrade- a new Grundfos multi stage pump station has also been part of this upgrade.  Housed in a shed located next to the irrigation lake the pump station has an output of 75lps @950kpa.  At this location water is filtered as it passes through the pump station with a Filter-works inline self-cleaning Filter.
  3. Electrical Upgrade-the final stage of the upgrade works was a power upgrade, this consisted of nearly 1844 meters of HD conduit installed over a 300m stretch. Two new cabinets have been installed in the shed which houses the new incoming power through a distribution board whilst the other cabinet houses all the pump controls, existing bore controls as well as an aerator and dosing system.

The upgrade of this system has taken 3 months in the planning and 13 weeks on site with a crew of 7.  System is all but complete and we are in the final stages of commissioning documents.



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