NIB stadium playing surface and surrounds were redeveloped, and required a new irrigation system and associated items. 

Project Scope: New Irrigation system, control system, electrical cubicle, fert injection system, filtration system

Project Timeline: Commenced July 2013, Completed September 2013

Horizon West was contracted to install the system. The irrigation system was constructed entirely out PE piping, and was installed on top of a plastic liner, and within the gravel layer of the perched water table. This posed several logistical problems, in that there was no ground profile into which the irrigation could be installed. The growing medium for the turf was then installed on top of the irrigation system. 

The system also required a separate 25mm solenoid valve per sprinkler head, which involved a massive amount of irrigation infrastructure including wiring, decoders and buried valve boxes. The project outcome was a successful one, which the irrigation passing all PC inspections, pressure testing and no breakdowns since its commissioning date.

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